Lista de tiendas Lolita / Lolita shops master list

He decido hacer una lista de tiendas, espero que os sea útil

Here is a master list of lolita shops

Shopping service list   (my favorite)
- now is also taobao agent

Tutorial How to order with taobaoring: Link

T: taobao shop
S: Storenvy
E: Etsy shop

A3 Lolita (clothes + bags) (T)

A Berry (accessories) (T)

Abyss Museum (clothes / classic - gothic) (T)

Accesorios y bolsos / accessories and bags (T)

A cat Knight (clothes / classic style) (T)

Ac Yut Horizon (clothes / gothic) (T)

Adans garden (clothes + accessories / many styles) (T)

Adios Eden (accessories / many styles) (T)

Advent store (accessories) (E)

Aerial Cat (clothes + accessories / many styles) (T)

Afficher le moisTailor (clothes + accessories / sweet - classic) (T)

A fullmoon in march (clothes / qi) (T)

After 12 am (clothes / sweet) (T)

A. Gato designs (clothes - accessories) (E)

Aiyou Lolita (clothes + accessories / many styles) (T)

Alexs Misfits Toys (accessories) (E)

Alfheim (clothes / classic)  (T)

Alice Dream (clothes / classic- sweet) (T)

Alice Garden (clothes + accessories / many styles mostly sweet) (T)

Alice Key (accessories + clothes / sweet style) (T)

Alien Kuma (clothes + accessories / sweet) (T)

All kinds of fur (clothes + accessories / mostly sweet) (T)

Alois Wang (clothes / classic - gothic) (T)

Amber Lolita (clothes / classic - sweet) (T)

Ambrum (accessories) (T)

Amnesic Forest (clothes / classic - sweet) (T)

Andora's song (clothes / gothic) (T)

Angela Popo (accesories) (T)

Angel Cat (clothes / classic - sweet) (T)

Angelic Imprint (shoes) (T)

Angels Heart Lolita (clothes / classic - gothic) (T)

Angy cat (clothes / sweet) (T)

Anna & Vainilla (clothes / many styles) (T)

Anna's Secret  (clothes / many styles) (T)

Anntena Cat (clothes / sweet) (T)

Alpaca (wigs) (T)

April Ann  (clothes + accessories / mostly gothic style) (T)

April's Lolita (clothes / qi - sweet) (T)

Arcadian Deer (clothes / many styles) (T)

ArcadiasWorks (accessories) (Facebook)

Arca et Ovis (clothes / gothic) (T)

Ariadne (clothes / many styles) (T)

Aria Studio (clothes / classic) (T)

Artwonders (accessories) (E)

A Sauce Lolita (clothes / many styles) (T)

Ash & Rose Alchemy (accessories) (E)

Ashley Rose EGL (accessories) (E)

Ash of time (clothes / sweet) (T)

A Sylvia (clothes / sweet) (T)

Atelier 17 (facebook)

Atelier Angel (e - patterns) (E)

Aurora Jungle (clothes / gothic) (T)

Aurora & Ariel (clothes + accessories /mostly sweet) (T)

Avenue Denfer (clothes / classic) (T)

Bacio Bouquet (clothes / sweet) (T)

Bambi Glitter (clothes / classic - sweet) (T)

Baozou (shoes) (T)

Bear Rabbit (clothes / classic - sweet) (T)

Beaver Duke (clothes / classic) (T)

Beautiful work (fabrics) (E)

Beckys shop (clothes / classic - sweet) (T)

Beleganty (clothes / classic) (T)

Belle Langue (clothes / qi - sweet) (T)

Bell House (Clothes / many styles) (T)

Benny's desire (clothes / qi - sweet - classic) (T)

Berri Mori (clothes / some styles) (T)

Berry and Wood (clothes + accessories / classic - sweet) (T)

Berry Bear (clothes / classic) (T)

Berry Boom (clothes / gothic) (T)

Berry Q (clothes + accessories / classic- sweet) (T)

Best Wish (clothes / many styles) (T)

Big cat's diary (clothes / sweet) (T)

Biyouni(clothes / qi lolita) (T)

Bizarre Red (clothes / classic - gothic) (T)

Black and Miaow (clothes) (T)

Black Bear (clothes / classic) (T)

Black Unicorn (accessories) (E)

Blaek (shoes) (T)

Bloody Mary (clothes / gothic) (T)

Bloom Design Studio (accessories) (E)

Blue Bell (clothes / classic - sweet)(T)

Blue Sheep Shop (clothes / gothic - classic) (T)

Boguta (clothes / many styles) (T)

Bonnie Fairy Lolita (clothes / classic - sweet) (T)

BoooBooo (clothes / classic - sweet) (T)

Bouganvillea (clothes / gothic) (T)

Bramble rose (clothes / classic - sweet) (T)

British Wardrobe (clothes - accesories) (Facebook)

Broken Doll (clothes / gothic) (T)

Bunny Drop (clothes / sweet) (T)

Bunny Kitty (Clothes + accessories / sweet style) (T)

B&W Puddin (clothes + tights / classic - gothic) (T)

CAB Fayre (accessories) (E)

Cake love   (accessories) (T)

Cala Rossa (clothes / many styles) (T)

Camellia (clothes + accessories / classic - sweet) (T)

Candy gears (accessories) (E)

Candy Queen (clothes / sweet) (T)

Candy Rainbow (accessories  + underwear) (T)

Candy tree (accessories) (T)

Cantarella's trap (clothes) (T)

Captain Meow (clothes / classic - gothic) (T)

Capitan Mirror Sea (clothes / classic) (T)

Caramell puff (clothes / classic - sweet) (T)

Castle too (clothes + accessories) (T)

Cat and bell flower lolita (clothes / classic - sweet) (T)

Cat and sugar party (clothes / sweet) (T)

Cat Dueto (Clothes / many styles) (T)

Cat Romance (clothes / many styles) (T)

Catsbroom (clothes / classic - sweet) (T)

Cats eyes (accessories - shoes) (T)

Cat tea party (clothes / many styles) (T)

Casual Lolita (clothes / sweet) (T)

CC kids (wigs) (T)

CEL (clothes / classic - gothic) (T)

Cel Deconail (accessories) (E)

Celestial Castle (accesories) (E)

Chairball (accessories - clothes / bags) (T)

Charites Amor (clothes /  classic - sweet) (T)

Chemical Romance (clothes / sweet) (T)

Cherise Cat Lolita (accessories) (T)

Cherry bomb (clothes / classic - sweet) (T)

Chess Story (clothes / many styles) (T)

Cheval de Bois (clothes / many styles) (T)

Chiki Bird (hats) (E)

Chu Chu (clothes / sweet) (T)

Cindy (clothes + accessories / many styles) (T)

Circes Jewels (accessories) (E)

Circle Loli Shop (clothes / loliable things) (T)

Cirith Ninniach  (accessories) (T)

Citanul (clothes + accessories/ sweet lolita style) (T)

CLA (clothes / many styles) (T)

Claritte Rosebud (clothes / classic) (T)

Classical Puppets (clothes / many styles) (T)

CM Loli (clothes / many styles) (T)

Cookie Bear (clothes / classic -sweet) (T)

Coral Castle (clothes / classic - sweet) (T)

Cornnn (accessories) (T)

Coruscate Unique (clothes) (E)

Cotton Candy shoes (Shoes) (Facebook)

Cotton Rabbit (clothes / classic - sweet) (T)

Cunene (accessories) (E)

Crucis (clothes / classic - sweet) (T)

Crystal Isis (accesories + clothes) (E)

Cuddly Witch (accessories) (E)

Culumi lolita (clothes / classic) (T)

Cynthia V (clothes / classic - sweet) (T)


Dada Morning (accessories - shoes) (T)

Dainty SIY (clothes / classic - sweet) (T)

Damn french desserts (Accessories) (E)

Das Lied Der Elfen (clothes / classic - sweet) (T)

Date with retro time (clothes - accessories / many styles) (T)

Dark Box  (clothes / gothic) (T)

Dark Rubi (clothes / classic - sweet) (T)

Dawn Rose (clothes / classic) (T)

Deadlycherries (accessories) (E)

Dear Celine (clothes + accessories + underwear / many styles) (T)

Dear Sici (clothes / sweet) (T)

Decadent Candy (accessories) (E)

De la lumiere (clothes) (T)

Deliria Institute (clothes / many styles - girly) (T)

Der Augenstern (clothes / classic - sweet) (T)

Diamond Honey  (clothes / mostly sweet style) (T)

Dina Fragola (accessories) (E)

Dleesnow (accesories) (E)

D minor theory (accessories) (E)

Doki Doki Studio (clothes / classic - sweet)(T)

Dollbe (clothes/ classic - sweet) (E)

Doll Cute (clothes / sweet) (T)

Dominum gloria (accessories) (T)

Doris Night (clothes / mostly classic) (T)

Doubi Cat (hats) (T)

Dream and Reallity (accessories) (T)

Dreamer (clothes + accessories / many styles) (T)

Dreamer Journey (clothes + accessories/ classic - sweet) (T)

DreamHolic (wigs) (E)

Dream in July (clothes + accessories / many styles) (T)

Dreams in the city (clothes / sweet) (T)

Dream Magical (clothes / prints inspired in spells) (T)

Dream Maker (clothes / classic - sweet) (T)

Dream Nocturne (clothes / many styles) (T)

Dream of Lolita (clothes / many styles) (T)

Dream Rococo (clothes / gothic - sweet) (T)

Dream V (shoes) (Rakuten)

Dust Balland (clothes / classic - gothic) (T)

Eat me ink me (clothes / many styles) (E)

Ecailles de Lune (clothes / classic - gothic) (T)

Eden (clothes / classic - gothic) (T)

Eden Cherry (clothes/ many styles) (T)

Eden's Lost (clothes / many styles) (T)

Eden the Wolf (clothes / classic and sweet) (T)

Elegant cat lolita (accessories) (T)

Elena Garden  (clothes / classic and gothic) (T)

Elpress (clothes + accessories / classic - gothic) (T)

Ember Rose (clothes / many styles) (T)

Emi craft in japan (fabrics) (E)

Empire Charlotte (clothes / OTT classic) (T)

Empress Muppet (clothes) (T)

Empty wardrobe (shoes) (T)

E New (wigs) (T)

English Charm (accessories) (E)

Ensso (bags) (T)

Equinox (clothes ) (T)

Erzsebets Mirror (accessories) (E)

Eternal Nebula (clothes / classic - sweet) (T)

Eternal Summer (clothes / classic - sweet) (T)

Ether (clothes + accessories / many styles) (T)

Ever Tales (clothes / many styles) (T)

Evil live (clothes and accessories / many styles) (facebook)

Excalibur (clothes / many styles) (T)

Fabric supply (fabrics) (E)

Fairy Across the Wildness (clothes / sweet) (T)

Fairy by the moonlight (clothes + accessories / classic - sweet) (T)

Fairy Cave (accessories) (E)

Fairy Dress (clothes / old school like) (T)

Fairy Poem (clothes/ sweet) (T)

Fairy Tale Forest (clothes / classic)(T)

Fairy Tale Girl (clothes / many styles) (T)

Fantastic Grim (accessories) (E)

Fantastic Wind (clothes / many styles) (T)

Fantasy Land (clothes / classic - gothic)(T)

Fanplusfriend (clothes + accessories / many styles) (E)

Fantasteria (clothes / sweet) (T)

Fanzy Fantasy (clothes + accesories / many styles)(T)

Fashion store Rabbit (clothes / classic - qi) (T)

Fatally Feminine (accessories) (E)

Feather Bell (clothes / sweet) (E)

February Deer (clothes / classic) (T)

Fee Cafe (clothes + accessories / many styles)(T)

Figlia x Hanako (clothes + accessories / classic - sweet) (T) Etsy shop

Five Leaves Lolita (clothes / classic, gothic, boystyle) (T)

Fleur Reve (clothes / classic) (T)

Floating Dreams  (clothes / classic - sweet) (T)

Flower And Bone (accessories) (E)

Flower banquet (clothes / classic) (T)

Fluff Mollie (clothes / classic - sweet ) (T)

Flutter by daisy (clothes) (E)

FM lolita (clothes / sweet) (T)

Fondant Garden (clothes / sweet) (T)

Forest Sambar (clothes / many styles) (T)

Forest Song (clothes / classic - sweet) (T)

Forest Tea (clothes + accessories / many styles) (T)

Forest Tea Party (clothes / many styles) (T)

Forest Tea Summer (clothes) (T)

Forest Wardrobe (clothes / sweet - gothic) (T)

Forever Summer (clothes / classic) (T)

Fox Cherry (accessories) (T)

Fox Feathers (clothes / classic - gothic) (T)

Foxtrot (clothes / gothic) (T)

Frame (clothes / classic - sweet) (T)

Freedom (clothes / gothic) (T)

Frozen Memory (clothes / classic - sweet) (T)

Full moon whispers (accessories) (T)

FunCcino (clothes / many styles) (T)

Gady Lolita (clothes / classic - sweet) (T)

Ga Lan (clothes / Qi) (T)

Garden of Gods (clothes / classic) (T)

Gardens of whimsy (accessories) (E)

Garios (accessories) (E)

Gatumi (accesories) (E)

Georgeous World (clothes / sweet) (T)

Ghost (wigs) (T)

Ghost love jewelry (accessories) (E)

Girlism (magazine) (T)

Girl Paranoia (clothes + accessories / many styles) (T)

Girl x Ghost (clothes / sweet) (T)

Gitanaflipflops (accessories) (E)

G Kyouko  (wigs) (T)

Glass bamboo (clothes / qi) (T)

Glutinous (clothes / many styles) (T)

Golden Wind Jade Dew Studio (accesorios) (T)

Gothic & Lolita (accessories) (T)

Grain buds (clothes / many styles) (T)

Green Wheat (clothes / classic - sweet) (T)

Grove deer (Clothes + accessories/ Mostly classic) (T)

Haruhi clover (accessories) (T)

Haw Berry  (clothes + accessories / sweet style) (T)

Heather Iris (clothes / mostly sweet) (T)

Heaven Countess(clothes / classic-sweet) (T)

Henrietta (clothes / classic) (T)

Her Chronicle (clothes / classic - sweet) (T)

Hime lolita (clothes/ classic) (T)

Himena (clothes / classic - sweet) (T) Himena international link

Hinana (clothes + accessories / classic - gothic) (T)

HMHM (clothes / many styles) (T)

Holly Hoops (flower accessories) (E)

Home Lee (clothes + accessories / many styles) (T)

Honey Honey (clothes + accessories / mostly sweet) (T)

Hopeygal (clothes + accesories) (Storenvy)

House Lolita / Mushroom (clothes / classic - gothic) (T)

Hounting mushroom doll (clothes + accessories / OTT classic - sweet)

xHouseOfOdditiesx (accessories) (E)

HypnoticSweetTreats (accessories) (E)

Ice Berry (clothes / sweet)

Ice Cream Lolita (clothes / classic - sweet) (T)

Ichigo 15 (clothes / many styles) (T)

Ichigo Mikou  (clothes / mostly classic and qi style) (T)

IxDoxDeclare (clothes) (E)

Imagine and spectacle (clothes / classic - sweet) (T)

Incredible Castle (clothes / gothic) (T)

Incredible Dream (clothes / classic) (T)

Infanta (clothes / many styles) (T)

Inori (clothes + accessories / classic) (T)

Ista Maiden  (clothes + accessories / mostly classic) (T)

Ista Mori (clothes / many styles) (T)

Into red velvet (clothes / classic - sweet) (T)

Ivyfrozen (clothes) (facebook)

Jack' O Cat (accessories) (Facebook)

Jade Lolita (clothes / classic) (T)

Jade Table (clothes / many styles) (T)

Jewel cube (loliable thigns) (T)

Jewelry in sunrise (clothes / many styles mostly classic) (T)

Jezebels Fascination (hats) (E)

Jun ling Moonlight (clothes / Qi) (T)

KadySny Dynasty (clothes / classic - gothic) (T)

Kawaii Collectables (accessories) (E)

KeSa (bags) (T)

Kidsyoyo (clothes / many styles) (T)

Killer Queen Shop (accessories) (E)

King (taobao replicas) (T)

King Eleven (clothes / many styles) (T)

Kira Kira (clothes + accessories / many styles) (T)

KMKostumes (clothes) (E)

Knight Night (clothes / many styles) (T)

Krad Lanrete (clothes / many styles) (T)

The Krobelus Banshee (shoes) (Facebook)

Kumarin / Aerial Cat (clothes / sweet) (T)

Kuyumi (clothes / classic - gothic) (T)

LA Autumn (clothes / classic -sweet)

Laboratori Grafici (accesories) (E)

Lace Garden (clothes / many styles, some replicas) (T)

Laceville (lace and fabric) (E)

Lady arcoiris tienda (accessories) (E)

Lady one (clothes - accessories / classic - sweet) (T)

Lady's Secret  (clothes / classic - sweet) (T)

Lady Young (clothes / classic - gothic) (T)

La fabrique de miss red (accessories) (web)

LA Lost Angel (clothes / many styles) (T)

Lamour Studio (clothes / sweet) (T)

Lapin Rapsody (clothes / many styles) (T)

La poesie de Camelia (clothes / classic- gothic) (T)

La Pomme (clothes / many styles) (T)

L'armoire de versailles (clothes / many styles) (T)

La Rose Couture (clothes)(E)

Lasses Say (clothes / classic) (T)

Late Autumn (clothes / many styles mostly classic - sweet) (T)

Laurence (clothes / classic - sweet) (T)

Leabhar Cheanannais  (clothes + accessories / many styles) (T)

Leave Poetry S (Clothes + accessories / classic style) (T)

Lees Theather (clothes / classic) (T)

Le fases de la Lune (clothes / sweet) (T)

Le Flacon (Clothes + accessories / classic) (T)

Lele (accessories) (T)

Le Meilleur (clothes / classic) (T)

Le miroir (clothes / many styles) (T)

Lemon Four (clothes / classic - sweet) (T)

Lemon Honey (clothes / classic - sweet) (T)

Leomistu (accessories) (T)

Le petite bonbon (accessories) (E)

LEsprit De La Noblesse (clothes) (E)

Les Rubis d Elfe (clothes / classic - sweet) (T)

Lilith Et Adalia (clothes) (E)

Lilith House (clothes/ classic - gothis) (T)

Lily of Valley (accessories) (E)

Limi's Kingdom (clothes / many styles) (T)

Ling Xi (clothes / gothic) (T)

Little Dipper (clothing, many lolita and kodona styles) (T)

Little fairy Tale (clothes / sweet - classic) (T)

Little Jolly (clothes / classic) (T)

Little Miss Hattitude (hats) (E)

Little Rose Planet (clothes) (Facebook)

Little Valentine (clothes + accessories / many styles) (T)

Liv Free creations (head wear) (E)

Lizjill      (shoes) (T)

Lizzie Borden (clothes + accessories/ classic - gothic) (T)

Lhijunyuan (clothes / many styles) (T)

Lolita (clothes + accessories / mostly sweet) (T)

Lolitas n colitas (Ott accessories) (T)

Loli Times (clothes / classic - sweet) (T)

Long ears sharp ears (clothes / many styles) (T)

Loris  (bag replicas) (T)

Lost in Her heaven (clothes + accessories /classic, gothic) (T)

Lost Forest (clothes / sweet) (T)

Lost Luna (clothes / classic - gothic - steampunk) (T)

Lost Lyres (clothes + accessories / classic) (T)

Lost Tree (clothes + accessories / classic - sweet) (T)

Lotus Land (clothes) (T)

Lovely you (clothes / sweet) (T)

Low Down Dandy (accessories) (E)

L season flowers (accessories) (T)

LR Lolita (clothes + accessories / classic - sweet) (T)

Lucky Clover (accessories) (T)

Lucy Bunny (clothes / classic - sweet) (T)

Lullaby (clothes / classic - sweet) (T)

Lulu's Garden  (clothes / sweet style) (T)

Luna Planetarium (clothes / many styles) (T)

Luna rossa (clothes / gothic - classic) (T)

Lunatics (clothes / classic) (T)

Lyreivi (clothes / many styles) (T)

M (accessories) (T)

Mad Illustration (accessories) (S)

Magical Tea Time (accessories) (E)

Magic cat street (clothes) (S) Link facebook page

Magic doll lolita (clothes) (T)

Magic Forest (accessories) (T)

Magic Mirror (clothes / many styles) (T)

Magic Potion (clothes / many styles) (T)

Magic tea party (clothes / many styles) (T)

Maiden Rose Couture (clothes / classic) (T)

Maiden's dream (clothes / sweet) (T)

Maiden's Pawn shop (clothes / classic - sweet) (T)

Makiro (clothes / classic - gothic) (T)

Malty Duck (clothes /classic - sweet) (T)

Maofish (clothes / many styles) (T)

March Rabbit (Clothes / many styles) (T)

Marie Antoinette (clothes / classic - sweet) (Facebook)

Marionett (clothes / classic - gothic) (T)

Mary Jane Luxury (shoes) (T)

Mask of Baroque (shoes) (T)

May Lolita (clothes / classic - sweet) (T)

Mazo Knit (accessories) (S)

Medusa Couture (clothes + accessories) (E)

Melue Shuangzi (classic) (T)

Memoit (clothes / classic) (T)

Memories Cloister (clothes / classic) (T)

Michael and sabriney (accessories) (E)

Midnight thouse (clothes + accessories) (E)

Mige Sanctuary (clothes / classic) (T)

Milky Mew (clothes + accessories / many styles) (T)

Milky Way (bags) (T)

Milu Forest (clothes / many styles) (T)

Mint Jule (clothes / classic - sweet) (T)

Minute treasures (accessories) (Facebook)

Mirror Mirror (Shoes) (T)

Mi Song temple (clothes / classic) (T)

Miss Danger Shop  (accessories) (E)

Miss Fuxi (clothes / qi lolita) (T)

Miss Liz's (clothes /classic - sweet) (T)

Miss menthe chocolat (clothes - accessories) (web)

Miss Moe (clothes / many styles) (T)

Miss Point (clothes / loliable) (T)

Mister Fox (clothes / classic - sweet) (T)

Mistycal Bow (clothes + accessories / classic - gothic) (T)

Misty Morning(clothes / sweet) (T)

Miwako (some lolita dresses) (T)

Mix (clothes / classic - gothic) (T)

Miyu Decai (accessories) (E)

Mizuki lolita (clothes / classic - gothic) (T)

Moeee (clothes / many styles) (T)

Moe and George (clothes / classic) (T)

Moi Moi Honey (clothes / classic) (T)

Mojiangxiaopu (Accessories) (T)

Mola Mola (tights) (T)

Moluoshuangzi (clothes / classic) (T)

Momo (clothes / classic - sweet) (T)

Monkeep (wigs) (T)

Monica L Knighton (accessories) (E)

Mono girl (clothes + accessories / classic - sweet) (T)

Moonlight forest   (clothes / Very sweet) (T)

Moon Rabit Fairy Mist (clothes / many styles) (T)

Moon River Lolita (clothes / sweet) (T)

Moon Sonata (clothes / sweet) (T)

Moon Tailor (clothes) (T)

Morning Glory (accessories) (T)

Morning Kiss (clothes / classic - sweet) (T)

Morning to Natasha (clothes / classic) (T)

Mortal Romance (clothes  / classic - gothic) (T)

Mossmarchen (accesories) (E)

Mou Mou Mou (clothes) (T)

Mousita(clothes / many styles) (T)

Mousse (clothes / many styles) (T)

Mr Fox (clothes / sweet) (T)

Mrs Rose (shoes) (T)

Mr Wolf and Alice (clothes / many styles) (T)

Mr Zeki (clothes / classic - gothic boy style) (T)

Mu Fish (mostly socks and tights, some underskirts and blouses. Many styles) (T)

Mumu (clothes / classic - sweet) (T)

Mumu cat (clothes + accessories) (T)

Musume (clothes / many styles) (T)

My little cookie (shoes) (T)

My Mighty Kingdom (clothes) (F)

Myosotis (clothes / classic - sweet) (T)

My Own Magic (accessories) (E)

My song temple (clothes / classic) (T)

Nadela Lolita (clothes / many styles) (T)

NanNan Special (bags) (T)

Narcissus (many styles) (T)

Nebulae (clothes / sweet) (T)

Neo Ludwig (clothes / many styles) (T)

Never too Much Glitter (nails) (E)

Nia Lolita (clothes / classic) (T)

NiaNyaNya (clothes / classic - gothic) (T)

Night Dream (clothes / classic - gothic) (T)

Nightmare  (Clothes + accessories / gothic style) (T)

Night Overture (clothes / gothic) (T)

NiyoMomo Lolita (clothes / classic) (T)

Nocturnia (accessories) (web)

Nokeya (accessories) (T)

November Sakuya (clothes / classic - gothic) (T)

Numens Armoire (shoes) (T)

Nyanmi Dolls (tights) (T)

Nya Nya (clothes + accessories / classic - sweet) (T)


Olive & Ting  (clothes / classic and gothic) (T)

Ooh La La Boudoir (hats) (E)

Oniril (clothes / loliable things) (T)

On July 29th (clothes / classic) (T)

Oji Lolita (clothes / many styles) (T)

Ouroboros (clothes / gothic) (T)

Ouside castle (accessories) (T)

Pan fried bun (clothes / classic - sweet) (T)

Pao Zi (clothes + accessories / classic - sweet) (T)

Paradise Rose (accessories) (E)

Paritynight (clothes / classic - sweet) (T)

Passing by fashion (clothes / many styles) (T)

Pasta (clothes / classic) (T)

Peacockalorum (clothes + accessories) (E)

Penguin Museum (clothes / classic - sweet) (T)

Pennyhouse (clothes / gothic - classic) (T)

Peppermint cat ( clothes / many styles) (T)

Petit Bijou (accessories) (T)

Petit Luna (tights) (T)

Phantom Mirror (clothes / gothic) (T)

Piece of Cake (clothes / sweet) (T)

Pinkabsinthe (accessories) (E)

Pink Hello Kitty (accessories) (E)

Pink up (clothes / many styles) (T)

Piking up the last winter snow (clothes / classic - qi) (T)

Pinky Girls (accessories) (T)

Planet V (clothes / classic) (T)

Pluie (clothes + accessories / gothic) (T)

Poem for you (clothes / classic- sweet) (T)

Poem of time (shoes + accessories) (T)

Polyhymnia (clothes / many styles)  (T)

Pop princess (accessories) (E)

Prarial (shoes) (T)

Precious Clove (clothes + accessories / many styles) (T)

Precious petal (clothes / classic - sweet) (T)

Pretty Rock Baby (clothes / classic - sweet) (T)

Pride and Prejuice (accessories) (T)

Princess Cat (clothes / classic - sweet) (T)

Princess Lolita store (tights) (T)

Princess Magic (clothes / classic . sweet) (T)

Princutess (clothes / many styles) (T)

Prisioners of History (clothes / classic - sweet) (T)

ProfMaelstromme (accessories) (E)

Psyche (clothes / classic - gothic) (T)

Pudding tree (clothes / classic - sweet)

Pumpkin Cat (clothes / many styles) (T)

Punkstreet (clothes / sweet style) (T)

Puvithel (accessories) (E)

Quaint Lass (clothes / many styles) (T)

Queenie lolita (clothes, accesories / OTT classic style) (T)

Rabbernatdeer (clothes / classic) (T)

Rabbit and sheep (clothes) (T)

Rabbit Hole  (clothes + accessories / sweet style) (T)

Rabbit in LastQuarter (clothes + accessories /classic) (T)

Rabbit Palace Lolita (clothes / sweet) (T)

Rabbit Teeth/ Fantastic wind (clothes / many styles) (T)

Rainbow (shoes) (T)

Rainbowi (clothes / classic - gothic) (T)

Rain City Lolita (clothes / classic) (T)

Rain House (accessories + bags) (T)

Rag Doll Tea time (clothes + accessories / sweet) (T)

Ranka (accessories) (T)

Raven And Rose Atelier (accessories)(E)

Ravioli Rings (accessories) (E)

RD (clothes / classic) (T)

Rebel Butterfly (clothes) (Facebook)

Red Maria (accessories + clothes / many styles) (T)

Red string (clothes / qi lolita) (T)

Reiki Lim Shop (clothes / many styles) (T)

Resailan's  (clothes / many styles) (T)

Reve Irom (clothes) (T)

Rice Ball (clothes / classic - gothic) (T)

Riverside (T)

Rococo Cage (clothes / classic) (T)

Rococo Soul (accessories) (T)

Roll Roll (clothes / sweet) (T)

Roly Lili (shoes) (T)

Rose Aria (clothes / classic) (T)

Rose Cat Lolita (clothes / many styles) (T)

Rose et la beille (hats) (F)

Rose Mansion (clothes / classic - gothic) (T)

Rose Melody (clothes / many styles) (T)

Rose Rococo (clothes / many styles) (T)

Roses Valley (clothes /many styles) (S)

Roxie SweetHeart (accessories) )(E)

Rseries  Rseries (clothes + accessories / many styles) (T)

Rubby Rabbit (tights) (T)

Ruby Tease (clothes / gothic) (T)

Ryosuke (clothes / classic- gothic) (T)

Sa design by sasa (clothes + accessories / many styles) (Tictail)

Sakura Fairy (accessories) (E)

Sakura Ksana (pretty bags) (T)

Sakuya lolita (clothes) (T)

Sakya the sands of time (clothes + accessories / many styles) (T)

Salome (clothes / sweet - qi) (T)

Salotto (clothes / sweet) (T)

Sara Bell (clothes / sweet and classic) (T)

Sarah My girl (clothes / classic - gothic) (T)

Sandra ArteagA (accessories)

Schneideren R (clothes / many styles) (T)

Season's Melody X (clothes / classic -gothic) (T)

Secret Garden Lolita(clothes / classic - sweet) (T)

Secret Shop (socks) (T)

SennineBuds (bags) (T)

Sentaro (clothes + shoes / classic - sweet) (T)

Seven Orange Lolita (bag) (T)

Sheenas Bella Bows (accessories)(E)

Sheeneo (clothes) (T)

Shimotsuki sakuya (clothes / classic - gothic) (T)

Shimrita (accessories) (E)

ShinkuRose (clothes) (E)

Shiromi (accessories) (T)

Shy Lapin (accessories) (E)

Sibyl Heisei (clothes / sweet) (T)

Sick Rabbit (clothes / many styles) (T)

Silver Scissor (clothes /

Sindar's Euphony (clothes  many styles) (T)

Siren (clothes / classic) (T)

Six Sauce (clothes / many styles) (T)

Sky Wind (clothes/ classic - sweet) (T)

Slight (clothes / gothic) (T)

Smile Nasu (clothes + accessories / many styles) (T)

Smoky jewelry (Accessories) (T)

SMX (clothes / classic - gothic) (T)

Snail (clothes / classic - sweet) (T)

SNM (clothes / classic - sweet) (T)

Sniffs the Rose (clothes + accessories / classic - sweet) (T)

Souffle Song (clothes / many styles) (T)

Southern Deer (clothes / classic) (T)

Southern Nostalgia (clothes) (T)

Southern Wood  (Clothes / many styles) (T)

SPD Jewelry (accessories) (E)

Spiritual Songs (tights / clothes) (T)

Stamps Albums (clothes / many styles) (T)

Star Glazed Delights (accessories) (E)

Starlight Deco Dream (accessories) (E)

Starlight Parfait (clothes) (E)

Starshabattrick (accessories) (E)

Starshards (clothes + accessories / many styles) (T)

Star Knight (clothes) (T)

Stars Miao (clothes / classic - sweet) (T)

Starwish Lolita (lolita clothes for kids) (T)

Statice  (clothes/ Classic / sweet) (T)

Static princess (clothes / many styles) (T)

Stier magi (shoes) (T)

Strawberry Rabbit (clothes/ classic - sweet)

St Tears (clothes / classic - sweet) (T)

Sugar Bowl (clothes / classic - sweet) (T)

Sugar bunny Shop (accesories) (web)

Sugar Sugar macaron (clothes / sweet) (T)

Sugar Tea Time (clothes / classic - sweet) (T)

Summer Sky (clothes / many styles) (T)

Summer Tales boutique (clothes) (Web)

Summer tea (clothes / many styles) (T)

Sunflower Story (clothes / classic -gothic) (T)

Sunny tree (Clothes / sweet style) (T)

Sunshine and Moonlight (clothes / classic - sweet (T)

Surfacespell SurfacespellUS (E) (clothes / many styles) (T)

Susin (clothes / classic - gothic) (T)

Sweet Cat (clothes / classic - sweet) (T)

Sweet Dolly House (accessories) (E)

Sweet Dream Darling (clothes / many styles) (T)

Sweet Dreamer (accessories) (T)

Sweet Elodie (clothes / classic) (T)

Sweet Fragrance (clothes + accessories / classic - sweet) (T)

Sweet Heart (clothes / classic - sweet) (T)

Sweet Loreley (clothes / classic - sweet) (T)

Sweet mildred (accessories) (E)

Sweetoxic (clothes / classic - gothic) (T)

Sweet wings (clothes / classic - sweet) (T)

Sweety from hell (accessories / gothic and steampunk) (T)

Sweety Honey (clothes + accessories / mostly sweet) (T)

SY (clothes + accessories / many styles) (T)

Tailor Bunny  (clothes / many styles, mostly classic) (T)

Takumi (clothes / many styles) (T)

Tanaka (clothes / replicas) (T)

Tardis (clothes + accessories / many styles) (T)

Tattoo socks (tights) (E)

Tawney Cat (clothes / gothic) (T)

Tea for two (clothes / many styles) (T)

Tears of Muse (clothes / gothic) (T)

Teen Mix (shoes) (T)

TejaJamilla (tights) (E)

Temporary parking (clothes) (T)

The Ann of April (clothes / many styles) (T)

The black ribbon (clothes) (Facebook)

the bloody tea party (clothes) (Storenvy)

The canary  (bags / clothes) (T)

The Cedar of neon (clothes / classic) (T)

The crow and thorns  (accessories) (T)

The Crypt Of Curiositie (accessories) (E)

The d'Alice (clothes / sweet) (T)

The Dollhouse Gallery (accessories) (E)

The Girl in the picture book (clothes / many styles) (T)

The fabled fawn (clothes + accessories / sweet) (Storenvy)

The fault in the king's library (clothes / qi) (T)

The Flora lNotebook (clothes) (Facebook)

The flying dress (clothes / classic - sweet) (T)

The Hare (clothes + accessories / classic - sweet) (T)

The Island of stars (clothes / classic) (T)

The light of dusk (clothes / classic - sweet) (T)

The lilith house (clothes) (T)

The little princess (clothes / classic - sweet) (T)

The Memory of Lily (Clothes + accesories / classic) (T)

The phantom and the maiden (clothes) (Facebook)

The pink set    link 2 (accessories) (T)

The relentless pursuit of perfection (accessories) (T)

The sands of time (clothes / many styles) (T)

The seller of brightness (clothes / gothic) (T)

The snowfield (clothes + accessories) (storenvy)

The Sonnet (clothes / many styles) (T)

The Time Cabinet (accessories) (E)

The Wee Hatter (Hats) (E)

Theyaya (clothes / many styles) (T)

Think Fly  (Clothes / classic - sweet) (T)

This time (clothes / classic) (T)

Thorn Bird (accessories) (T)

Thorn field (clothes / classic) (T)

Tiger Talk (clothes / boystyle) (T)

Time Falls (clothes / classic - sweet) (T)

Time Memory (clothes / classic - gothic) (T)

Tiny Garden (clothes / classic - sweet) (T)

To Alice (clothes / loliable) (T)

Tomichan Grocery (clothes / Loliable clothes) (T)

TomoKiss (clothes) (T)

Totori (clothes + accessories / mostly sweet) (T)

Tour new soul (accessories)

Tragedy Night (clothes + accessories / many styles) (T)

Tree House (clothes + tights / classi and sweet) (T)

Tree of the sea (clothes / classic)(T)

Tree top (wig) (T)

Trianon Sevi (Clothes + accessories / many styles) (T)

Truly Darling (clothes / many styles) (S)

Tululu  (clothes / many styles) (T)

Unicorn (Clothes + accessories / many styles) (T) 

Unicorn Holic (accessories) (Facebook)

Unicorn Tears (clothes / classic - gothic) (T)

Unideer (clothes / classic) (T)

Vainilla Bride (accessories) (T)

Valle dei Templi (clothes / classic - sweet)

Vancy  (clothes + accessories / classic style) (T)

Vanyar (wigs) (T)

V Castle (clothes / loliable) (T)

Versailles Wardrobe (clothes / mostly classic) (T)

Vesperia Veil (clothes + accessories / gothic - classic) (T)

Vine Path (clothes / sweet style) (T)

Violet Fane (clothes + accessories) (E)

Vivian Tears Lolita (clothes / sweet) (T)

Void Gravity (accessories - tights) (T)

VV Bags   (bags replicas) (T)

Walnut deer (clothes / classic) (T)

Warsong (clothes / many styles) (T)

Welhs Corgi (clothes / many styles) (T)

Westeros Armoire (clothes / classic - gothic) (T)

Whale Fall (clothes + bag / sweet) (T)

Whale Island (parasols) (T)

Wheat House (clothes / classic - sweet) (T)

Whispery Wind (clothes + accessories / sweet style) (T)

Whital Alley (accessories, sometines clothes) (T)

White Memories Link 2  (clothes / classic - sweet) (Facebook/ web)

White moon (clothes / Qi) (T)

Wing Wish (accessories) (T)

Wit Panda (clothes / sweet) (T)

Wonderland (clothes / sweet) (T)

Woolly Yurt (clothes / classic - gothic) (T)

World Illusion (clothes / classic - swweet) (T)

Xanadu Faerie (clothes) (T)

XNomori (fake nails) (E)

Yan Lang (clothes / classic - gothic) (T)

Yasasiya (clothes + accessories / sweet) (T)

Yidhra (tights) (T)

Yilia Lolita (clothing /mostly sweet and classic) (T)

Yolanda  Link 2/ (clothes + accessories / many styles) (T)

Yuni Fairy (shoes) (T)

Yotsuba's home (clothes / many styles) (T)

Your Highness (clothes + accessories / classic - gothic) (T)

Your gift (clothes / sweet) (T)

Zeki (clothes / gothic - boystyle) (T)

Zhijinyuan (clothes / many styles) (T)

ZJ Story (clothes / gothic) (T)

Z Sylvia (clothes/ classic - sweet) (T)

14th Garden (clothes / sweet and classic style) (T)

69th department (clothes / gothic) (T)

2333 Ancient Kingdom (clothes / classic - gothic) (T)

Qi accessories

二小夜lolita杂 (clothes / sweet) (T)

星辰皇冠 (shoes) (T)

溪浣霖原创Lolita (clothes - shoes / classic - gothic) (T)

只在三月发疯的兔子 (clothes / many styles) (T)

糖柯小姐 (clothes / classic) (T)

贩卖光明 (clothes + accessories / many styles) (T)

羊兰小铺 (clothes / gothic) (T)

君聆 中华风lolita原 (clothes) (T)

红粉集 (socks and tights) (T)

时光记忆Lolita (clothes / classic - gothic) (T)

【花事小楼】 手作 (accessories) (T)

糖罐里的糖罐Lolita (clothes / sweet) (T)

竹鱼萌物小铺 (accessories) (T)

莉莉安原创设计工作室 (clothes / many styles) (T)

青禾原创设计 (clothes + accessories / many styles) (T)

甜猫先生的裁缝铺 (clothes / classic) )(T)

绘本少女  (clothes and accessories / classic and qi style) (T)

夏悟茶一家任性的店 (clothes / many styles) (T)

Classic lolita things (clothes / classic) (T)

Loliable things (T)

颢颢冰手作原创设计 (hair accessories) (T)

黑与喵的脑洞坑原创lolita洋装设计 (clothes / many styles) (T)

~~【蕾丝物语】LOLITA (clothes / secondhand) (T)

Telas y puntillas / Lace and fabrics (T)